High Brightness LED technology manufactured in the uk
High Brightness LED technology manufactured in the uk
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SkipLight Features and benefits


Because the SkipLight is rechargeable you don't spend money on batteries. This feature alone can save you countless pounds on the maintenance costs of your skiplight.

Energy Saver Mode
When the SkipLight in use for an extended period and the battery power reserve is low the skiplight goes into energy saver mode in which the leds operate at 50% brightness. This safety feature ensures continued illumination.
Intelligence you can benefit from

Imagine this scenario - you leave a skip out on the highway at night. Unbeknown to you, the batteries are near to exhausted. During the night the batteries fail and so you get prosecuted. It could easy happen because there is no way to tell what life is left in the batteries. With our SkipLight design you need not worry because the unit will tell you how many days are left. To find out more about this unique SkipLight feature see our
FAQs page
Automatic daylight sensor
Even though you don't have to put batteries in the SkipLight, it still doesn't waste energy. During daytime the unit will switch itself off. It is only as the daylight fades that the unit kicks into action.

Excellent robustness
The SkipLight is manufactured from transparent ABS. This gives the unit a combination of toughness and rigidity whilst providing for maximum light clarity across the whole unit.
High-intensity flashing yellow LED's
Our 4-way LED design exceeds that stipulated in paragraph 40 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 1981 and Statutory Instrument Requirements 1981, Number 859
Personalised logo
Another feature of the SkipLight is the fact that its uniquely identifiable. Prior to manufacture your business details are moulded into the unit such that the SkipLight is easily identifiable as yours. As well as providing a unique opportunity for you to advertise yourself, it will also deter others from stealing your skiplight.
A 5mm chain holds the skipLight in place and is secured using a torx M6 stainless steel machine screw. As a result, there are no padlocks to become rusted and no keys to lose - simple, secure and effective.
Slimline and compact
The fact that the SkipLight is slimline and compact means the unit is unobtrusive and cannot be knocked off by passing wagons. When the SkipLights aren't being used they easily pack flat for storage.

Product quality and safety guarantee
We offer a one year warranty on parts as standard. As usual, all our products come with the SkipLight seal of Quality and Innovation at an affordable price.

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