High Brightness LED technology manufactured in the uk
High Brightness LED technology manufactured in the uk
High Quality Dedicated Circuit BoardFour High Output LEDsTamper-proof Tough Moulded ABS Case

Welcome to website of SkipLight UK, leading the way in innovative skip lighting solutions.

SkipLight UK's unique lighting technology allows you to cut costs, save time and guarantee the safety and security of your skips. Here's how:-

Cut Costs - our skip lights are rechargeable eliminating the need for costly battery replacements (this feature alone means that the price difference between the SkipLight and our competitors’ conventional models is covered after only 10 weeks)

Save time - skip lights are quick to install and easy to operate

Provide security - the skip lights bolt securely to your skip and allow for the inclusion of a company logo for easy identification

Guarantee safety - our slimline design reduces the risk of your skip light being knocked off by passing traffic

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