High Brightness LED technology manufactured in the uk
High Brightness LED technology manufactured in the uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for buying the SkipLight. We have designed it to be very easy to use. Just plug it in until its fully charged and then use.

How do I switch it off?

Turn it upside down.

Do I need to discharge the battery before I charge it?

No - SkipLight batteries do not suffer from memory effect.

Can I charge it at any time?

Yes. You can charge it whenever you like.

My SkipLight will not flash when held upright?

It will not flash if the daylight is too bright. Move it to the shade to see it flash.

How do I see how many days are left on the battery?

Hold the light upright as it would be on the skip and wait for a flash. Now turn it upside down as you would to turn it off. Wait 1 second and the SkipLight will flash at you, say

7 times at one end and then 5 times on the other end. This indicates 7 days plus 5 days, that is 1 week and 5 days. (Your lights will arrive fully charged with 4 weeks on the batteries).

How do I know its charging?

Your SkipLight will glow alternately at one end and then the other.

How do I know it’s fully charged?

When charging is complete the skiplights will glow at just one end.

Do I need to unplug it when its showing fully charged?

No. (It is always better to keep the lights on charge).

Why is the SkipLight constantly lit when it’s on charge?

This happens when the batteries have been left to go really flat.

The onboard computer is checking the batteries. You must leave the SkipLight on charge until it is showing fully charged. It will take between 36 and 72 hours depending on the battery state.

How long will the batteries take to charge from flat?

Normally about 28 hours.

Just one warning.

When the batteries are left flat for more than 4 weeks they can be damaged.

If you have any concerns over the functioning of your lights please phone me. I am more than happy to help.

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